2013 Federal Budget: Funding For Aboriginal Programs

The Conservative federal budget has a lot in it, but of significance to our aboriginal people is funding for aboriginal programs, and the discussion of Bill S-2, the First Nations Matrimonial Real Property Rights Bill.

“The bill would finally provide the legal protections for the women on reserve that they have lacked for far too long. This discrimination should not exist. That is why aboriginal people and even the Manitoba NDP have been calling for the passage of Bill S-2. I would hope that the federal NDP would heed that call and allow a vote to take place, giving aboriginal women rights regarding matrimonial property,” said Government House Leader Peter Van Loan (York-Simcoe, Ont.). 

“The government also invested in several areas for aboriginal peoples in the 2013 budget, including:

  • $241-million over five years for the Income Assistance Program for First Nations;
  • $155-million over 10 years for infrastructure;
  • $54-million to settle specific claims;
  • $9-million over two years for the First Nations Land Management Regime;
  • $33-million over two years for the First Nations Policing program;
  • $11-million for an Aboriginal Justice Strategy;
  • $24-million over two years for the Family Violence Prevention Program;
  • $48-million over two years to address health care on reserves;
  • $4-million over two years to address mental health;
  •  $10-million over two years to provide scholarships and bursaries for First Nations;
  • $5-million over five years for Cape Breton University’s aboriginal business studies program, and
  • $100-million to improve housing in Nunavut.”

“The government also committed to “consulting with First Nations” on a First Nations Education Act.”  To read the entire article, go to the Hill Times Online.

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