Arctic Sovereignty Needs A Practical Strategy

Mark M. Miller, Special to The Vancouver Sun, published June 10, 2013:  A Practical Approach to Arctic Sovereignty, states:  “The only reasonable approach to Canada’s northern development and Arctic sovereignty is to focus initial efforts on the Port of Churchill on the west coast of Hudson Bay, and secondarily on Rankin Inlet, which is further up the same coast.”

With the a new focus on the Arctic, fueled by the Conference Board of Canada Reports on Canada’s Arctic region, and recognition from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that looking north is the necessary for the future of Canada’s economic prosperity, many pundits are urging a comprehensive strategy for accessing and protecting the assets of the north.

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Conference Board of Canada:  Security in Canada’s North Looking Beyond Arctic Sovereignty (Nov, 2010)

Conference Board of Canada:  Canada’s North Beyond 2011

Conference Board of Canada:  The Future of Mining in Canada’s North (Jan, 2013)



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