MV Hwy Updates

Feb 13, 2015EA1213-02_Note_to_file_-_Issuance_of_revised_Terms_of_Reference 
The Review Board has issued the revised the Terms of Reference

Feb 13, 2015EA1213-02_Revised_Terms_of_Reference 
This is the revised Terms of Reference for the Mackenzie Valley Highway Extension Project – Wrigley to Norman Wells.

Dec 10, 2014EA1213-02_GNWT_letter_to_Review_Board_requesting_extension_of_comment_deadline
The GNWT is requesting an extension till Jan 23, 2015.

Nov 27, 2014EA1213-02_Cover_letter_for_the_revised_Terms_of_Reference
A cover letter for the revised Terms of Reference.

Nov 27, 2014EA1213-02_GNWT_s_comments_on_the_Terms_of_Reference
GNWT’s comments on the Terms of Reference for the revised Mackenzie Valley Highway Project

Oct 10, 2014EA1213-02_Note_to_File__EA_time_and_submission_of_revised_TOR
This note to file clarifies that the EA clock remains with the developer until a final revised TOR is submitted to the Review Board.

Oct 7, 2014EA1213-02_DoT_letter_to_the_Review_Board_regarding_its_revised_Terms_of_Reference
DoT is requesting that its revised Terms of Reference submitted on Sept 19, 2014 be withdrawn from the public registry. DoT will provide a new version by the end of Oct.

Sep 26, 2014EA1213-02_Email_from_the_developer_
An email from the developer regarding EA time and the submission of the revised TOR.

Sep 10, 2014EA1213-02_Corrected_Note_to_File_-_revised_project_description_and_revisions_to_Terms_of_Reference
This is a corrected note to file that replaces the Sept 3, 2014 version. The earlier version incorrecly listed the date the revised project description was recieved by the Review Board as Sept 9.

Sep 3, 2014EA1213-02_Note_to_File_-_revised_project_description_and_revisions_to_Terms_of_Reference
The developer has submitted a revised project description. Because the development has changed the existing terms of reference may require editing.

Aug 29, 2014EA1213-02_Cover_letter_for_a_revised_project_description
This is a cover letter from the Department of Transportation for a revised project description.

Aug 29, 2014EA1213-02_Revised_project_description_
The Department of Transportation submitted a revised project description. The revised project is for an all weather highway from Wrigley to Norman Wells.

Jun 3, 2014EA1213-02_DoT_notice_of_Revised_Project_Description
A letter from DoT notifying the Review Board of DoT’s intent to submit a revised project description.

Jan 8, 2014EA1213-02_GNWT_letter_of_receipt_of_the_final_TOR
A letter from the GNWT acknowleding receipt of the final TOR

Dec 23, 2013EA1213-02_Cover_letter__final_Terms_of_Reference_and_interim_draft_Work_Plan
This is the cover letter for the final Terms of Reference and interim draft Work Plan

Dec 23, 2013EA1213-02_draft_interim_Work_DPlan
This is the draft interim work plan for the Mackenzie Valley Highway assessment

Dec 23, 2013EA1213-02_Terms_of_Reference_for_the_Mackenzie_Valley_Highway_assessment
This is the final Terms of Reference for the Mackenzie Valley Highway assessment.

Dec 10, 2013 EA1213-02_Cover_letter_for_the_GNWT_Response_to_Draft_MVH_ToR

Dec 10, 2013EA1213-02_GNWT_Comments_on_Draft_MVH_ToR
Here you will find the GNWT comments on the Mackenzie Valley Highway Draft Terms of Reference.

Dec 10, 2013EA1213-02_A_cover_letter_accompanying_the_NPMO_consildated_comments_on_the_draft_ToR

Dec 10, 2013EA1213-02_NPMO_consolidated_comments_on_draft_Terms_of_Reference
This document consolidates the various comments from the Federal Government on the Terms of Reference.

Nov 25, 2013EA1213-02_Cover_letter_for_the_draft_Terms_of_Reference
This is a cover letter to accompany the draft Terms of Reference and it requests parties to provide comments by Dec 10, 2013.

Nov 25, 2013EA1213-02_draft_Terms_of_Reference
This is the draft Terms of Reference for the Mackenzie Valley Highway project environmental assessment.

Nov 13, 2013EA1213-02_Developer_response_to_the_Review_Board_s_Oct_29_letter
The developer’s response to the Review Board’s Oct 29 letter regarding the effects of construction timing on the impact assessment predictions.

Oct 29, 2013EA1213-02_Review_Board_letter_to_developer___scoping_information_request
A letter from the Review Board to the developer regarding the timing of construction for the highway.

Oct 4, 2013EA1213-02_MV_Highway_community_issues__scoping_diagrams
These diagrams show the issues raised in the Review Board’s community scoping sessions in Wrigley, Tulita, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope and Inuvik.

Sept 27, 2013EA1213-02_Highway_Strategy_Summary_Report_1999_-_Appendix_D
This is Appendix D from the Summary Report of the Highway Strategy October 1999.

Sept 20, 2013EA1213-02_MV_Highway_maps
This is a series of maps from the GNWT showing the route of the proposed Mackenzie Valley Highway.

Sept 18, 2013EA1213-02_Developer_community_scoping_sessions_presentation
This is the community scoping sessino presentation given by the developer.


Mackenzie Valley Highway Review Board