Medical Services

Fort Simpson Health Center (FSHC) has a laboratory, x-ray, autoclave, OBS, pharmacy room, 2 emergency rooms and 5 clinic rooms. The maximum patient observation is for 6 hours before the patient is transferred (medivac) to Stanton Territorial Hospital, in Yellowknife or to Edmonton, Alberta. FSHC has 5 Community Health Nurses and 1 Nurse Administrator. An on-call Nurse is available evenings and weekends, to respond to community members calling 867-695-3232 an “after-hours” emergency number, for medical assistance. The FSHC provides and coordinates, regional and administrative services, for the Community Health Workers, in Jean Marie River, Nahanni Butte, Trout Lake and Wrigley.

FSHC is allocated 2.88 physicians per year, which is currently covered by locum physicians. The physicians share call duties, and boards a Cessna 206 (small chartered airplane), to provide primary health services to 6 communities, on a monthly basis. The physician and a nurse board an airplane to Wrigley, Trout Lake, Jean Marie River and Nahanni Butte for a day or two. The physician would charter to Fort Liard and Fort Providence for 4-5 days depending on the demand for health service. In each of the communities, there is accommodation available for the physician to overnight, if need be.

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