Nahanni Park

Much has been written about the Nahanni National Park Reserve, but there are two books that are exceptional in bringing the stories of the Nahanni to life:  Nahanni: Dangerous River by R.M. Patterson, and River of Gold by Neil Hartling.  With historical names like the Headless Range and Deadman’s Valley populating the Park, and equally chilling legends of death and strange creatures, the Nahanni stories are still alive today.

Nahanni: Dangerous River tells the story of R.M. Patterson’s year-long journey into the Nahanni in 1927.  During this journey he prospected for gold, investigated the mysterious murders of an earlier group of adventurers, and found himself struggling for survival as he fought the river and the wilds of the north.  It is an exciting adventurous true story that paints an awe inspiring picture of the Nahanni, and will inspire you to try the ‘dangerous river’ yourself.

Neil Hartling’s Nahanni River of Gold is less an adventure tale, and more a guidebook for the modern traveller down the river.  He speaks knowledgeably about the Nahanni—from geological formations of the canyons and waterfalls, to the folklore and history of the Nahanni region.  The colour photos are breathtaking and you will be drawn into the delights of the Nahanni River.

There are only two ways to get into the Nahanni—you can come in by river, or you can fly in.  At the heart of the Nahanni is Virginia Falls which boasts campsites, heli-pad and has onsite Park staff.  Most visitors fly in to Virginia Falls and then raft or canoe down river to Nahanni Butte, or Blackstone Territorial Park.  If you come in from upriver, a level three white water rafting certificate is required.

You can fly into the Nahanni for a day trip, or take an extended trip down river by raft or canoe.  With no roads to get you there, the Nahanni is one of the few places of true wilderness left in the world.  This UNESCO world heritage site is popular with travellers from all over the world, and Fort Simpson is the staging area to enter the Nahanni.

Visit our River Tours  page for local outfitters.  There are a variety of tour packages available, or you can register at the Nahanni National Park Reserve office in Fort Simpson, and plan your own trip.

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